Sagarmatha’s Machine Learning based personalization technology enables customers to gain a deep understanding of shopper’s behavior, and the ability to positively influence shopper’s journeys.

Using our advanced algorithm based engine, we provide personalized, and optimized marketing that rises above store, stock, and loyalty data, enabling retailers to offer the right product to the right customer at the right touchpoint.

Personalized, highly effective and continuously-improving offering to shoppers

Advanced ML-based, robust, highly-flexible personalization and optimization engine

Advanced ML-based, robust, highly-flexible personalization and optimization engine

Seamless access to insights and analytics through cloud-based SaaS interface


Immediate and Long Term Sales Increase

Higher Effectiveness of Personal Offers

Cost Reduction through Supplier Financed Personal Offers

Improve Shopper Experience and Loyalty

Real Time and Ongoing Results Monitoring, Analytics and Optimization


Predictive Analytics

State-of-the-art algorithms based on machine learning to analyze shopper data and predict shopper behavior. Using different fine–tuned statistical models that extract in-depth insights and provides utmost encompassing predictions.

Why does it matter?

Obtain utmost accuracy of every figure to make every decision optimal and always be one step ahead. We let data lead the way.

Automated Machine Learning

Provides continuous feedback from running campaigns to form an endless feeding cycle: Analysis->targeting-> execution->feedback->analysis. New models are constantly created, updated and fine-tuned automatically.

Why does it matter?

Generated predictions and recommendations are always up-to-date with market changes, customer behavior and the newest marketing activities or content types.

Optimization Algorithms

Provides the exact balance between retailer’s goals, suppliers’ targets and your shopper’s needs.

Why does it matter?

Get a wide KPI optimization choice: sales lift, margin, your shoppers’ long term loyalty or any other KPI. Enables user to set goals per campaign and optimize targeting according to set goals.

Constraints Engine

Accommodate any constraint: budget, quantities, timing, content mixture or offer set structure, rules for specific offers, stores, shoppers and more with our “optimization under constraints” features.

Why does it matter?

Our system recommendations take every single constraint into account and provides the best possible options for smart decision making.

Omni Channel API

Add or remove any touchpoint (direct mail, email, web, app, social media, in-store kiosk, store printer) transparently. Touchpoints are optimized at back-end according to related characteristics and unique shopper behavior.

Why does it matter?

Continuously reach out to and connect with your shoppers using new channels of communication while making all decisions in one place.Get highest ROI for every shopper at any point in time.

Big Data Platform

Our Big-Data platforms ensure top performance, endless scalability, high availability and bullet proof security

Why does it matter?

Analyze massive data and get fast and precise insights every single time. Continuously get tens of millions of targeting recommendations within hours.

Analytics Platform

Our analytics are based on the leading analytical platforms, tailored for the marketing world.

Why does it matter?

Enjoy an extensive suite of pre-defined reports and ad-hoc tailored reporting. All with user-friendly dash boards and powerful slice and dice capabilities.

Flexible Configurations

Accumulated development and retailer’s campaigns from across the world have been implemented into the solution and algorithms to deliver a multitude of experience-based configuration options.

Why does it matter?

Choose from a large number of configuration options to support all your marketing and business needs. In addition, our dedicated dev-ops team will bring to life any new idea or initiative, using agile development technics.

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