Joining Sagarmatha at the Right Market Timing

I am delighted to join Sagarmatha, and here I am with a fashionably late blog but it comes just in time for our upcoming visit to GroceryShop with a new management team.

Retail and grocery retail in particular has changed so much in the last 20 years, and demand for technology is still growing. Sagarmatha has been there since the beginning and the last 20 years have been an incredible journey, to the highest peaks. The company brought pioneering technology to the retail world, specifically in personalization and personalization marketing and is now an industry leader. We pride ourselves to be the only company focusing on personalization serving tier one retailers in Europe and North America and my joining aims to accelerate the development of future solutions and technology and to scale the business to the next peak.

What drew me to Sagarmatha is the mix of strong customer centric DNA, a rare combination of a versatile, fine granularity algorithm with the flexibility of the best managed services in the retail business. I also knew that it was not only the technology that was good but also the people behind it, adding to it the digital revolution the retail market is undergoing, it is clear that an AI personalization focused company is strongly positioned to dramatically grow now more than ever.

A few months back I met with Sagarmatha’s board and we discussed what type of leadership will be needed for the company’s next phase of growth – as a veteran of the retail space I believe I bring both experience and focus to the table.

My background is in founding and growing disruptive companies, I love technology and managing a growth company, together with my new team, energy is high and our mission is to scale up our business through expanding our product’s depth and breadth. I see Sagarmatha’s strong product and innovation as key drivers getting us to the vision that the company was founded on. I am humbled to take over the reign from Moty and thank him for bringing such a great team and platform to work with.

So, to end with a start, we are heading off to GroceryShop now, where we will meet our US based customers and colleagues and present our future plans and offering. I am looking forward to this event to have the chance to see everyone face to face, share a drink and see how we can best support them to grow retailers and suppliers’ sales and shoppers’ loyalty

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