A New Level of Access to Consumer Data

Apex Insight Discovery™ by Sagarmatha leverages the most up-to-date industry technology to bring consumer data insights to a whole new level of accessibility and usability.

Utilizing advanced in-memory processing, we enable near real-time data visualization of campaign KPIs, historical consumer behavioral data, and in-store sales data by UPC, product, brand, category, store, banner/division, region etc. All of this is provided in a secure web based self-service interface.

Built from the ground up to meet the unique needs of retailers and consumer goods manufactures, and based on our extensive retail data analysis expertise, Apex delivers a level of data insight not previously obtainable. Designed for business-oriented end-users and data professionals alike, Apex’s powerful web dashboard allows for easy data “slicing and dicing,” and manipulating and consolidating of campaign parameters and data sources into actionable easy-to-understand reports.

Via the Apex dashboard, users can:

  • View and analyze major campaign KPIs and their trends relative to reference periods and control groups
  • Slice and dice data via any parameter – defining different views, graphical and tabular
  • Understand the source of peaks, valleys and anomalies by drilling further down
  • Define and distribute regular reports
Our Clients Include