Insight Discovery™

Leveraging state-of-the-art in-memory database technology, Sagarmatha’s collaborative campaign platform delivers real-time data insights to both retailers and brand owners, on any scale.

With no wait times even for high-data-volume tasks, we monitor, analyze and report on key campaign performance indicators. Our on-line BI application features a range of dynamic filters that enable our retailer and consumer packaged goods customers to optimize and enhance campaign performance and maximize ROI.

Campaign Performance at a Glance

Opening screen gives executive management a broad view of the impact of targeted marketing efforts, outlined by key indicators.

High Level KPI Monitoring

Track the absolute and relevant number of shoppers being targeted and responding to personalized campaigns.

Identify and Analyze Trends

Aggregation and visualization of performance data enables key trends to be identified, empowering you to take action quickly on the insights learned.

Customize Viewing Preference

Determined which data is most important for you to see at a glance, and in which graph style and placement.

Our Clients Include