St. Valentine and The Journey to Customer Centricity

By Chen Katz, VP of Sales at Sagarmatha

Mutual satisfaction is a key focus of the purchaser during Valentine’s Day – seeing the delight of the gift recipient, in turn providing joy to the giver. Of course, Valentine’s Day generally has focused on sales of jewelry, chocolate, flowers, lingerie, and wine.

While retailers generally do not know the recipients of the gifts, they can look at the previous year’s customer data to tailor the right offers. They may even have “bonus data,” where both members of a couple are part of the loyalty program. With cross-analysis, they can make offerings even more highly targeted, by taking the both partners’ data into consideration.

Valentine’s Day offers retailers the opportunity to generate more creative offers. Perhaps your store has just put in a fresh prepared foods section. Customers who are not regular buyers in this department can receive offers to “Give Your Valentine a Few Nights Off” to drive increased sales.

Thanks to retailers like you, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a holiday beyond love between romantic partners. It has become a celebration of all types of love: parent-child, grandparent-child, friends, etc. Use your customers’ demographic data to cross-sell new combinations of complementary purchases to make everyone in the house happy, such as heart-shaped candies and cookies for the kids. Supplement the Valentine’s complement as well – offer specials on your cheese, noting which wines pair best. Offer plants as a way to ensure the spirit of Valentine’s continues long after the holiday ends.

Retailers can also experiment with delivery tactics on holidays like Valentine’s Day. In addition to the electronic offers and kiosks, retailers can select high-profit shoppers and send them Valentine’s cards in the mail containing special offers for their next purchases. Valentine’s is a holiday of overindulgence. Take advantage of the atmosphere to offer occasional shoppers specials on those treats that they don’t often buy to ensure you maximize your CPG relationships.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to get people into your store. Target specific demographics of your customers and invite them to fruit and cheese tasting nights to prepare for their romantic evening. With big data personalization and optimization tools and continuous measurement and analysis of your results, you can ensure the right combination of personalization, optimization, and delivery channels to achieve your long- and short-term goals of customer delight with an ever-increasing client base.


Chen Katz is vice president of sales at Sagarmatha, a leading provider of one-to-one marketing solutions to mass-market retailers. He can be reached at, 1-(646) 934-6149, or +972 50 6767139.

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