Let the journey begin… Why knowing your customer journey is important – and why so many companies get it wrong!

Hint – personalization is key, but understanding shoppers’ journey is essential

Gilad Simhony, CEO, Sagarmatha

When I started my journey in retail innovation, I was constantly told by my customers that nothing could replace good old-fashioned salespeople, and I tend to agree but… the world has changed and as it changes, we have to understand how to connect with customers in a different manner.

Connecting with customers at various points on the path-to-purchase is not trivial. When looking to drive loyalty and revenue, brands should look into ways to reach consumers in the right manner relevant for each individual, at any given point on the path to purchase.

We all want more sales

Ultimately organizations want more sales but you need to know how to sell to shoppers  what they want and need, again, taking from old-fashioned sales people – you need to know when to approach, when to ask questions and how to communicate in a non abrasive manner. The very same rule applies to online retail shopping – but here we have machine learning technology that helps us drive the right form of communication.

For instance, with our AI driven personalization technology, we can define each customer’s segment on an individual level as a result of behavioral analysis, and over time we can tweak our shoppers’ interactions upon campaign performance analyses and optimization throughout the communication process. It is like the salesperson studied all their notes and was able to target the customer in a helpful manner.

We want the right customers

A great salesperson knows their ideal customer. They study their notes, follow up with more research and makes sure they target in the right manner (i.e., don’t try to sell diapers to DINKS)

Data is king! Sagarmatha’s technology helps our customers with recommendations according to their business goals and KPIs.  Using our AI/ ML engine, we provide personalized, and optimized marketing that rises above store, stock, and loyalty data, enabling retailers to offer the right product to the right customer at the right channel and time.

Data or Communication?

Both are equally important – if you do not have the right data you will not succeed, but if you have the right data but do not communicate properly with your audience then you will not succeed either. So this is where we come into place, our technology capabilities are amplified by accomplished retail experts, walking hand by hand with our customer to meet every goal…

Using our AI based personalization technology our clients gain a deep understanding of shoppers’ behavior, and the ability to positively influence shoppers’ journeys. We help our clients execute real-time personalized marketing to communicate at suitable intervals that help their shoppers, reaching new peaks of loyalty, feeling understood every step of the way .


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