Welcome to our “Point of View”

Insights, commentary and analysis on data driven marketing in the mass retail industry

We’re delighted to launch new blog “Point of View”, and invite you to join us on a monthly basis as we publish some of our thoughts and opinions on whats happening in the world of loyalty marketing and data analytics.

You’ll notice that we don’t always take a conservative standpoint on issues facing the industry, but try to look at things from a more challenging, controversial standpoint. This reflects how we approach our own business – trying not to accept the status quo, rather always looking for creative innovative ways to solve problems for our customers – primarily through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning which we’ve been practicing since long before it became fashionable.

So sit back, enjoy, and share your views with us. And of course, feel free to share the views with your own network via the Linkedin Share button that you’ll see on the right hand side of each post.

Chen Katz
VP Sales, Business Development and Marketing

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