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September 16, 2019

Sagarmatha announces launch of XACT – AI Driven Loyalty Marketing Platform

Yakum, Israel, 16 September 2019 – Sagarmatha Ltd. has announced that it will unveil the public release of XACT, the latest addition to its loyalty marketing suite, at Groceryshop in Las Vegas, on September 16th. XACT is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and enables retailers and suppliers to collaboratively create and optimize targeted content, offers and campaigns.

In addition to content creation, the cloud-based platform facilitates the aggregation and approval of all content and uses advanced AI to score the attractiveness of offers and to predict their uptake. Having retailers and suppliers collaborate within the platform saves time and effort in campaign planning and enables both parties to better control loyalty marketing budgets.

The launch of XACT is the culmination of a multi-year development program in which Sagarmatha collaborated with existing retail and CPG customers to ensure that the platform met industry requirements. As part of a wider long-term partnership with the Ahold Delhaize group, Hannaford will be the first chain to implement XACT.

XACT joins existing platforms APEX, a powerful loyalty data analytics portal, and SUMMIT, the company’s flagship automated personalization engine, to form the most complete and integrated loyalty marketing suite in the grocery industry.

Headquartered in Israel, Sagarmatha’s global client base has developed considerably in the past few years, driven by the increased level of personalization that shoppers are demanding. “The growth in our software and services business is particularly encouraging, and we are confident that the launch of XACT will open even more doors” commented Chen Katz, VP Sales, Business Development and Marketing at Sagarmatha. “We are investing a high percentage of our annual revenue in continuing to develop our technology platform. Having pioneered the field of automated personalization, we continue to lead the way in developing advanced technology to meet the needs of an ever more demanding new generation of shoppers” he said.

About Sagarmatha

Sagarmatha’s high performance loyalty marketing suite empowers retailers and brands to gain a previously unobtainable level of influence on each individual shopper’s path to purchase.

The company’s personalization engine uses advanced machine learning to analyze shopper behavior data from multiple sources in an ongoing cycle and matches highly relevant content to each shopper in order to drive desired outcomes. Additional modules enable both retailers and suppliers to plan and optimize loyalty marketing activities and to monitor them in real-time, taking into account budgetary and other constraints.

With over two decades of expertise, unmatched levels of automation and unlimited scalability, Sagarmatha works with leading retailers and consumer brands worldwide.

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Chen Katz – VP Sales, Business Development and Marketing

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