Optimization Platform

Our efficient, powerful AI engine enables us to analyze actual ongoing individual shopper behavior. Learn not just what shoppers buy but predict their shopping habits with other retailers and create the optimal offers/content for each shopper.

Our personalization suite lets you gain a previously unobtainable level of influence on each individual shopper’s path to purchase. Thus delivering personal experiences at any given point in time, via any preferred communication channel or touch point.

Summit Key Added-Values

Solutions from Sagarmatha drive incremental sales by automatically engaging your shoppers, in sync with their actual shopping habits. Our purpose built data mining platform aggregates consumer data from multiple internal sources including transaction histories, web site and mobile app engagement, email response rates, social media, direct mail and more. We analyze actual ongoing individual shopper behavior, and not only learn what shoppers buy at your stores – but also infer what they’re buying at other retailers.

Then, at any scale and with any frequency, our targeting engine automatically constructs the optimal set of offers/content for each shopper and optimizes communications for each channel or touch point, so you can deliver it at exactly the right time. The end result: greater offer/content relevancy and timeliness that truly impacts shoppers basket.