Top Expertise

As pioneers in personalized shopping technology, our name in Nepalese stands for “Mount Everest” and we’ve been scaling the peaks of advanced personalized marketing for over 15 years. We understand that today’s shoppers know what they want and expect personal, unique shopping experience that is time effective and effortless.

We deliver shoppers with the utmost shopping experience. This enables leading retailers to drive personalized content via all communication channels, with the right offer to the right customer at the right touch point…every time!

Our AI based technology lets retailers gain previously unobtainable level of influence on individual shopper’s path to purchase. This is done by rising above all store, stock and loyalty data, automatically balancing all constraints and leading personalized marketing to the top.

Founded in 1999, headquartered in Israel, Sagarmatha serves major retail and consumer brand stakeholders worldwide.

It takes great people to deliver great service. We’ve assembled a team of world experts in the field of retail personalization technology, and it’s the thing I’m most proud of at Sagarmatha. 

Moty Bank, CEO and Co-Founder

Meet Our Team

Moty Bank
Chairman of the Board
Moty served in executive positions leading Israeli consumer goods companies such as Strauss/Elite. An integral part of Sagamartha’s success and growth.
Amit Maor

Amit joined Segarmatha in 2021 and is responsible for software development and the technology infrastructure of all offered products and solutions.

Amit served as a CTO and VP R&D at several success on-line companies.

Amit has an extensive experience in Big data, Fin Tech, cloud, SaaS, security and development.

Amit held a MBA from Collage of Management and BA in Economics & Computer science from Bar Ilan University.

Eran Sarig
VP Israeli Market Operations
Eran served in various senior sales and marketing positions where he led Shufersal’s loyalty club, managed the sales of StoreNext and was head of Trade Marketing for Strauss Group.
Sergio Sborovsky
VP Sales & Bus. Dev.
Sergio served in various senior sales and business development positions for leading Israeli High-Tech companies. Sergio brings vast experience leading complex sales processes to Tier-1 large enterprises across various industries and geographies.
Michal Nezer
VP Strategy & Growth
Michal brings vast experience in the CPG market research and consumer behavior analysis field and previously led the customer success team at Nielsen, as well as managed the market research department at Storenext.
Dorit Kuper
VP Data & Delivery
Dorit has over 20 years of experience managing IT teams in various positions. Prior to Sagarmatha, Dorit managed the Application Technology group at NICE Systems, leading Business Intelligence and Insight, Application Technology and Development teams on information systems groups.
Yael Bdolah-Cnaan
Director, Retail Application Analytics
Among the first to join Sagarmatha, an accomplished expert in data mining and analytics, Yael heads the Apex Insight Discovery team as well as plays an integral role in software and algorithm development and online data sharing platform to retailer clients. Previously Yael served as Senior Software Engineer at ART Advanced Recognition (acquired by Nuance) where she developed handwriting and speech recognition algorithms. Yael holds a BSc (Cum Laude) in Statistics and Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.
Eran Oren
VP Israeli Market Operations
Eran is responsible for Sagarmatha’s algorithms for offer performance prediction, optimization, and personalization. He has many years of experience in data science and machine learning, mainly in the area of sales and incentives, from companies such as Retalix and Personali. Eran holds a BA degree in Computer Science (Cum Laude) from the Technion, and MA degree in Cinema (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University.
Ricki Bar-El Rotman
Director of Personalization & Customer Success
Ricki is responsible for Israel CPG personalization services.  Ricki has vast experience in marketing & market research methodologies from both leading companies in the consumer goods market in Israel and retail data providers.
Haim Sabag
Director of Backend Engineering
Haim joined Sagarmatha in 2020 and leads the development of “SUMMIT”, Sagarmatha’s personalized targeting engine. Haim has over 15 years of experience of leading development teams in various fields, such as Content Management systems, Data warehouse systems, IOT and more. Haim holds a BSc in computer science from The Technion.
Noa Gutman
Director of Personalization
Noa leads Sagarmatha’s Personalization group, responsible for implementing personalized solutions for our customers. Noa holds BSc & MSc degrees (Cum Laude) in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University. Her experience includes data analysis, business analytics and customer success. Her main mission is to ensure delivery of our personalized campaigns on time and in high quality.