Creating Direct Consumer Relationships

In today’s high-touch retail environment, consumers vote with their shopping dollars by selecting brands that speak directly to their needs. But understanding and tracking those needs on an individual shopper level is technologically and analytically challenging. Behavioral data per customer, collected at Point of Sale – is often gathered and warehoused, but until now has not been easily accessible to consumer goods manufacturers.

To retain and reward loyal customers, identify and nurture new consumer relationships, and ward off customer defections to competing brands, consumer goods manufacturers need to learn from each and every customer interaction, at each and every touch point. Then, they need to smartly translate this knowledge into effective, impactful personalized marketing campaigns that deliver the right message to the right shopper, at the right time.

marketing campaigns that truly deliver the right message to the right shopper at the right time, every time.

Actionable Insight

Solutions and services from Sagarmatha help consumer goods manufacturers drive incremental sales by giving them direct and easy access to near real-time retail consumer behavioral data.

Accessible on a self-service basis via our powerful web interface or through pre-defined and expertly-prepared reports, Sagarmatha aggregates shopper data from multiple retail sources including transaction histories, web site and mobile app engagement, email and direct mail response rates, social media, and more.

Our Big Data analysis tools deliver actionable, highly-relevant insights, enabling manufacturers to see exactly what’s happening with their products in each and every store within the chain. We deliver high-resolution information about what and when each customer buys at a given store or group of stores. This helps manufacturers understand what, where and how their consumers are buying, and how to influence them to change these habits.



Sagarmatha already influences tens of millions of consumers every week, delivering timely, highly-relevant offers that truly move shoppers to action. Contact us to see how we can reach and engage your shoppers, too.


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